Wide Area Networks (WAN)


ARDICOM’s V-Connect IP VPN service is a fully managed Wide Area Network (WAN) solution delivered over Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. The service allows your offices to easily and affordably connect with each other, as well with suppliers and business partners across the country or around the world. It also allows you to consolidate your voice, video and data traffic over a single, secure and reliable private IP-based network.

V-Connect service has four Class of Service (CoS) options for customers to choose from. Each CoS has different Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets for availability, package loss, jitter and latency. ARDICOM will credit clients back if the SLA targets are not met.

CoS allows our clients to mark certain types of traffic (i.e. VoIP traffic, Videoconferencing traffic) as high priority. ARDICOM will recognize these traffic priorities and send them through our network first.


As with the V-Connect IP VPN service, this service allows for connection of northern V-Connect sites to southern sites via a network interface to the MPLS network in southern Canada with the same CoS options and SLA targets. This product allows you to be flexible and ensure that branch offices have similar connectivity as your headquarters.

Municipal Area Networks (MAN)

MAN – ARDICOM’s E-MAN service is a fully managed Ethernet interfacing Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) solution connected via a high-capacity Ethernet Routing Switch. The service connects two or more locations in the same Municipality and provides the ideal platform for voice and data convergence. A MAN can easily be integrated with ARDICOM’s V-Connect WAN service to provide a complete network to virtually anywhere in Canada.

E-MAN service provides a highly reliable and private connection in which traffic can be segmented by establishing VLAN’s, ensuring better utilization of bandwidth. The service is available in 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps throughputs.

Special Assembly

If you require a service outside of the scope of the services offered ARDICOM specializes in providing unique data solutions for challenging situations. Contact us to discuss further.