4221117 Canada Ltd. (o/a ARDICOM East) is a federally incorporated Corporation that is also extra-territorially registered in Nunavut.  ARDICOM East provides data communications networks in the Nunavut Territory and is a 58% Inuit-owned firm registered with Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. as an Inuit firm. 

ARDICOM East was formed in 2004 in order to provide direct value to the Inuit-owned Shareholders of ARDICOM Digital Communications Inc. in the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement region.  These Inuit Shareholders are Arctic Co-operatives Limited and Nunasi Corporation.  The third owner is ARDICOM Digital Communications Inc.  Each Shareholder owns 33% of the Corporation.

ARDICOM’s and ARDICOM East’s ownership is representative of all Inuit, Aboriginal and First Nations stakeholders in the Yukon, Northwest and Nunavut Territories.  Due to its stakeholder representation, ARDICOM also includes beneficiaries of all of the Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements in the aforementioned Territories and northern British Columbia.